About the artist


Wirat Sukprem was born in the north of Thailand, but her home is now in Melbourne, Australia. 

She started to paint mandalas in 2008, under the renowned Melbourne Mandala teacher Karen Scott.


She has been painting now for more then ten years and has produced 119 mandala paintings in total.  74 of Wirat's 119 mandala art pieces are now in private ownership, including several overseas, seven in UK, two in USA, one in Singapore,

21 in Taiwan and two in Thailand.


Wirat believes that, building on Karen Scott's teaching, she learns more with every painting that she does.  "Mandalas are very spiritual, and I am always getting to understand better how to communicate this spirituality by blending fusion art with the mandala art tradition" she says.  "Often it takes time: it seems the subject has its own idea of what the painting should be, and until I can hear what it tries to tell me I cannot progress the painting".

Wirat supports the Mandala Prize at Swinburne University


This prize is awarded to a student who has overcome hardship or handicap to achieve success.  There is a financial sum awarded from the prize fund and Wirat creates a painting to be awarded alongside this.  She says: “I did not have the chance of an education myself, but I know how important it is so I want to help other people who have been give this opportunity to take make the most of it. This is an annual prize from a fund set up by a very special person and I am happy to be part of it”.

Wirat has supported a number of charities by donating paintings for auction or as gifts.


Interviews with the artist



Watch this interview with ‪‎artist‬ Wirat Sukprem

to learn more about her work and what inspires her

to create the stunning, luminous ‪‎mandala‬ ‪paintings‬

in the ‪contemporary‬ fashion that she does.


Watch this fascinating and sweetly humorous video with

Wirat Sukprem (a.k.a. Jiap) to find out more about her artistic process and the things she had to give up in order to paint

The Goddess of Mercy.

A lovely incentive for any artist who is struggling with the current piece they are working on: a work of art is often a journey which can throw up unexpected challenges. Hang on in there though, as persistence and patience do pay off!


Find out about the creative process that artist Wirat Sukprem

went through in order to create the painting

The Eight Auspicious Symbols, as she talks here about her work.