About mandala painting


A mandala is a sacred form of painting originating in Asia, and is typically a circular or square motif which symbolically represents the cosmos and is sometimes used for meditation purposes.


It can also be understood as a multi-storey temple seen from above: the outside region is the ground level and often there are gates shown in from this through a rectangular wall at the four points of the compass; and as you work inwards you come to the first and second storeys and so on until you come to the centre which is the highest and most sacred part.


Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means "circle"; a mandala can have many meanings, and can also show a path, a method, a cycle of thought or action to help us figure things out.


Each mandala carries with it a multitude of different meanings.  “I often find that the mandala chooses the person who wants it, through the way that it speaks to them” says Wirat.


When you hear about mandala, you might think about Tibet. Tibetan mandala painting, which is Buddhist, is well known, but there are others that are quite different, for example those from Hinduism.


A mandala is typically very detailed and geometrically precise and symmetrical.    Wirat has a diploma in Graphic Design; the skills of precision in layout and fine detail that she gained through this course have proved very valuable in her painting.


Wirat has developed her own very distinctive style of mandala art. In her mandala paintings she uses fine detail and vibrant colours with a luminous quality, hence the name Mandala De Light was born.


If you are interested to know more or want to learn the art of mandala, please go to www.mandalamagic.com.au





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